Atlas 8 Wheel Tippers

Sitting under the watchful eye of the iconic BT Tower, University College Hospital has seen more than a few interesting events since it was founded in 1834. It’s notable staff also include the likes of Agatha Christie, Elizabeth Joan Stokes and Ernst Chain Nobel Prize winner. Now, the buildings are entering a new phase of development.

Posted 03/02/2021

Despite snow, COVID and lockdown

It’s been a tough start to the year for most industries, but despite heavy rain, ice and snow, and lockdown restrictions, our fleet of vehicles are still out on the roads, supporting the construction industry.

Posted 03/02/2021

Atlas Tipper Lorries in Mayfair


Inert waste by conveyor belt

Negotiating an eight-wheel tipper lorry into Central London to remove waste extracted by conveyor belt is all par for the course at Atlas Bulk Carriers.

Posted 26/11/2020

Atlas Tippers at Buckingham Palace


Inert muck away for the Royals

When Buckingham Palace decide to do renovation work in the grounds, you can guarantee it’s going to be on a larger scale than your average garden project. Atlas Bulk Carriers were called in to help with the inert muck-away requirements.

Posted 18/11/2020

Atlas Bulk Carriers at Windsor Castle


Royal tarmac break-out

With somewhere as prestigious as Windsor Castle, the roads in, out and around the estate have to be spotless and very well maintained. Which is why Atlas Bulk Carriers got a call to help with the tarmac break-out.  

Posted 18/11/2020

 wembley arena


As part of the high-octane Nitro Circus tour

When the world-famous Nitro Circus announced they were coming to Wembley, Atlas Bulk Carriers got a call. Nitro Circus are famous for their incredible stunts and tricks on a mixture of FMX, BMX, skates and scooters around a course of eye watering sand tracks, mounds and banks. And that means shipping in an awful lot of specialist sand.

Posted 10/11/2020

If you haven’t heard of them, HUF Haus is a German company which makes prefabricated homes and is the world's leading firm in houses in the Bauhaus architectural tradition based on the German Fachwerk design. Fachwerk is the half-timbered style of housing so commonly associated with Germany but also traditionally one of Europe's most famous styles, which originated in the XV century. A HUF Haus house is prefabricated but has that unmistakable timber-glass look and a modern timbered design.

Posted 01/11/2020

St. George’s Hill in Weybridge is well known for its celebrity status and residents. Commonly regarded as one of the most exclusive gated estates in the country, the 964-acre community has its own golf and tennis clubs, as well as approximately 420 houses. Over the years it’s also been home to the likes of John Lennon, Tom Jones, Elton John, Cliff Richard, Ringo Starr, Jenson Button, Sue Baker and John Terry.

Posted 01/11/2020