Primary Aggregates are the most commonly mined minerals in the world. This refers to a broad category of coarse to medium grained particulate materials used in construction. Typically, this will include sands, gravel, crushed limestone and granite.

MOT Sub-bases

Atlas Bulk Carriers provides the full range of certified Primary Aggregates for all uses in the construction industry including Type 1 SHW clause 803 (formerly known as MOT Type 1) and Type 3 SHW clause 805 sub base and 6F5 Primary Sub-base for road, pathway or foundations construction; 2-6mm, 4-20mm and 10-63mm permeable sub-bases for large paved areas and driveways.

Sands and Ballast

We stock all grades of sand including 0-4mm Sharp Sand, Building Sand and Cable or Reject Sand. We also supply specialist equestrian, landscaping, sports, play, and tree pit sands.

We also stock 10mm and 20mm Ballast.

Shingles and Gravels

We supply the full range of shingles and gravels for standard construction applications including 4/10mm 10/20mm 20/40mm and oversize. In addition to this we can source decorative shingles and gravels for a range of landscaping uses or specially commissioned Riprap stone.

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