Whether you require BS3882:2015 Topsoil for a housing development or for your own back Garden, Atlas Bulk Carriers supplies the required material to suit your needs. We always recommend BS3882:2015 Topsoil as the specification sets out stringent requirements for the classification and composition of topsoil, noting the recommended measurements of acidity, fertility, and texture, to ensure the best possible material for your project.

However, you may require a more specialist soil, with increased Acidity, or alternatively a more economic option, for which our General Purpose low fertility soil might be suitable. We also produce Rootzone, Lightweight soil and specific purpose topsoil as well as specialist sands for any landscaping project .

Finally, our PAS 100 Compost can be used as a soil improver to mix with existing soil and provides the foundations for a good landscaping project.

Contact us on 01932 569 222 to discuss your requirements and specifications.

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