When Buckingham Palace decide to do renovation work in the grounds, you can guarantee it’s going to be on a larger scale than your average garden project. Atlas Bulk Carriers were called in to help with the inert muck-away requirements.

Surprisingly for a central London location, Buckingham Palace has 39 acres of grounds including a private park and 2 ½ miles of gravel paths. All of which have to be kept in pristine condition. We were called in when they needed inert muck-away as well as drivers with full security clearance.

We sent in our eight-wheel tippers for this job which have a cubic capacity of approximately 13 – 14 cubic metres, and a carrying capacity of approximately 19 tonnes. Loading takes about 15 minutes, and this is usually ample for loading with a typical 8 – 12 tonne excavator. They are also equipped with real-time tracking so we can usually give a fairly accurate estimated time of arrival on request. On this occasion 5 loads were necessary.

Driver clearance is a robust process which involves thorough background checks, and we are proud to have eight security cleared drivers.

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