Atlas Bulk Carriers has been in business for almost 50 years.

It all started with just one six-wheel tipper lorry back in 1972, which was parked, and repaired outside Andy Wislocki’s house in Raynes Park. Pressure from neighbours and family soon necessitated a move to a proper yard, with a lock-up garage for storing tools, wheels, oil etc, in Toynbee Road, Wimbledon.

Muck-away back then was six shillings (30p) per cubic yard, and it would typically cost about ten shillings (50p) to tip each load – and there was also no differentiation between inert waste and active waste in those days! Andy took on many large contracts which would need a helping hand from other owner drivers, and the company soon acquired a band of loyal followers, and a reputation for reliability and integrity. More second-hand tippers were bought and the drivers were employed full-time, and the fleet stuck at about six lorries for some time.

It was hard work for Andy, driving during the day, then carrying out repairs in the evenings, followed by paper-work at night, however persistence paid off and eventually some substantial contracts such as the Colliers Wood Savacentre, and work for Kingston Council provided an extra impetus, and the company moved to more suitable premises in Kingston Goods Yard in 1981. Expanding further with the purchase of several new lorries, workshops were built and full-time mechanics were recruited, together with office staff, and of course full time drivers.

As a result of hard work, determination and having enthusiastic staff, the company thrived, and was incorporated in 1989. In 1993 it moved to more suitable premises at the Gravel Pit in Shepperton, where it was based for over twenty five years. We have now moved to the Martlands Industrial Estate, Woking and have larger offices and a custom-built two-bay workshop incorporating a full length inspection pit and commercial brake testing equipment. The customer base has gradually increased over the years and the fleet has expanded and has been updated to include tipper lorries, grab lorries and articulated lorries.

The company prides itself in keeping up to date with modern technology; vehicle tracking and good communication with highly trained drivers plays a key role in the day-to-day operation, backed up by a motivated office and maintenance team. The company continues to grow and has been careful to ensure that the level of service and commitment to its customers is always the highest priority.

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