Tippers & Grabs

Our eight-wheel tippers are all equipped with steel bodies with a cubic capacity of approximately 13 - 14 Cubic Metres, and a carrying capacity of approximately 19 Tonnes. All have electric "easy-sheets" which are operated from the cab. When k2-image3calculating the volume of material which would be produced from an excavation, allowance must be made for "bulking" - which is the difference between the size of the excavation and the volume of material generated. This factor varies depending on the nature of the ground being excavated, and can be anything between 120% and 200%. Please also be aware that vehicles cannot carry more than their legal payload, and some materials, such as wet sand, can weigh as much as 1.8 Tonnes/Cubic Metre. Our drivers will advise when their vehicles are loaded to their maximum capacity. Our normal prices allow for a loading time of approximately 15 minutes, and this is usually ample for loading with a typical 8 - 12 Tonne excavator. Excess loading time may attract a surcharge. Please advise us if your requirement is time-sensitive, eg. if it is dependant on school times, or a scheduled concrete delivery, and we will do our utmost to comply with this - traffic permitting. All of our vehicles are equipped with real-time tracking so we can usually give a fairly accurate estimated time of arrival on request.

Our grab lorry service can provide anABC Pictures 042 opt economical solution to your waste-disposal requirements, and can also bring in the exact quantity of aggregate/sand/soil/material, placing it just where you need it. Please note that the grab lorry needs to be positioned beside the heap - it cannot load over the back or over the cab, and the maximum reach from the lorry is approximately 7 Metres. Our eight-wheel grab lorries can carry up to 16.5 Tonnes or approximately 12 Cubic Metres, and the driver will take about 15 - 30 minutes to load. You must ensure that there are no vehicles parked in the way and that there are no overhead obstructions such as telephone cables, power lines, tree branches, etc. All of our grab drivers are specially trained and ALLMI certificated and will be as helpful as possible.

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