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Our Company traces its roots back to the 1970's when it was started by Andy Wislocki. His parents were refugees who, in 1945 had escaped the carnage and chaos of the Second World War and Andy was brought up experiencing a degree of prejudice and hostility - but also a great deal of kindness from the enlightened people in Britain at that time. Fast-forward several decades and now we ourselves are proud to be able to help some of the displaced people who have escaped death and destruction in their home countries in the Middle East, and are currently homeless on the Continent. Many are educated and skilled people and they have chosen to risk all in order to try and find a safe haven, while their home countries are being destroyed, their homes bombed and their neighbours killed indiscriminately. They deserve and need our help, and we can help - with minimal personal sacrifice!

So far we have made a few small gestures - we have helped to deliver mattresses to refugees in Romania, and we are helping to deliver food and household necessities to the refugees in "The Jungle" in Calais. We have also made a substantial contribution to help with the production of a TV documentary looking at this crisis from a different angle. It's called "Another News Story", and we hope it will encourage a tide of sympathy and generosity for these suffering men, women and children. It's not about politics or religion - just being a decent human.



Posted 11/10/2016


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We are proud to have achieved "FORS SILVER" accreditation.

Posted 01/07/2016


ABC Door Panel

Our new lorries are fitted with glass inspection panels in their nearside doors as well as electronic sensors and all-around CCTV cameras, enabling our drivers to detect other road users and particularly cyclists in the danger zone.

Posted 01/07/2016

ABC are "CLOCS" Champions!

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We're proud to have achieved the CLOCS Champion certificate in recognition of our continuing commitment to improving road safety for vulnerable road users.

Posted 23/02/2016


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Our newest artic tipping outfits are DAF 440 units with ultra-low emission Euro 6 engines and are equipped with the most modern technology. They are fitted with all-round cameras, nearside under-run preventers, and nearside sensors to detect the presence of cyclists in the vulnerable areas. The comfortable sleeper cabs also enable us to offer long-distance haulage. The outfits have a carrying capacity of 30 tonnes.

The safety of other road users is a top priority at ABC, and these latest vehicles demonstrate our commitment to this policy and our care for the environment.


Posted 03/08/2014


 Chelsea F C resized

Eddie, our Sales Director (and keen Chelsea supporter) is very happy that we have won a contract for supplying aggregate for the Chelsea FC training ground at Cobham and are helping with the new pitch construction at their Premier League stadium in Fulham.

Posted 19/05/2014


IMG 0004

We have just taken delivery of a new artic tipping outfit. The unit is a DAF 440 with an ultra-low emission Euro 6 engine and is equipped with the most modern technology. The comfortable sleeper cab also enables us to offer long-distance haulage. The outfit has a carrying capacity of 30 tonnes.

This increases our artic haulage capacity so we can provide an even better service for bulk material deliveries.


Posted 11/03/2014


ABC Flooding 002 opt

We came in on Monday morning 10th February to find the yard and workshop completely flooded - to an average depth of 60cm and rising. A quick trip to the Angling Shop was called for in order to buy waders for all the office and workshop staff. Despite the problems we managed to maintain our power supply and got all of the lorries out and working for the week, parking them on higher ground and ferrying drivers to them every morning and back to their cars after work!

Posted 18/02/2014